20 Awesome Halloween Crafts for Tweens

Halloween is a great time of year to get out the craft supplies and start creating. With school back in session, and all the stress that comes along with it, a creative outlet is just what I need! I love creating seasonal crafts that I can hang up in my room throughout the holiday season. Here I’m sharing 20 awesome Halloween crafts. These are easy enough for the kids like me to do, providing maximum spooky fun with minimum effort. Even though these are Halloween crafts for children, I’m betting your parents will want to join you once they see how much fun you’re having. Check them out, and be sure to let me know which ones you try out!

1. DIY Mummy Luminary

DIY Mummy Luminary

2. Rainbow Crayon Pumpkin

Rainbow Crayon Pumpkin

3. Ghost Mason Jar Glow Lamps

Ghost Mason Jar Glow Lamps

4. Pumpkin Sun Catcher

Pumpkin Sun Catcher

5. Spider Handprint Craft

Spider Handprint Craft

6. Emoji Pumpkin Window Clings

Emoji Pumpkin Window Clings

7. Foam Spider

Foam Spider

8. Halloween Plastic Jugs

Halloween Plastic Jugs

9. Frankenstein Mason Jar

Frankenstein Mason Jar

10. Popsicle Stick Pumpkins

Popsicle Stick Pumpkins

11. Ghosts In a Tree

Ghosts In a Tree

12. Bat Silhouette Craft

Bat Silhouette Craft

13. Painted Monster Rocks

Painted Monster Rocks

14. Glow in the Dark Eyeballs

Glow in the Dark Eyeballs

15. FrankenFoot Kids Foot Print Art

FrankenFoot Kids Foot Print Art

16. Handprint Sponge Pumpkin Craft

Handprint Sponge Pumpkin Craft

17. Candy Corn Footprint Cards

Candy Corn Footprint Cards

18. Ghost Footprint Keepsake

Ghost Footprint Keepsake

19. Egg Carton & Tissue Paper Ghost

Egg Carton & Tissue Paper Ghost

20. Sparkly Spiderwebs

Sparkly Spiderwebs

Looking for Halloween crafts for children? Then check out these 20 awesome Halloween crafts for tweens, teens and kids. They'll love these!

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