25 Educational and Fun STEM Gift Ideas for Tweens

Do you love science and tech as much as I do? Then you need to check these incredible STEM gifts to add to your holiday wish list! The one thing I absolutely love about STEM is that it makes learning fun, engaging, and it creates a spark in me to learn more. From LEGO books full of engineering projects to board games that teach math, all the way to a programmable doll and robots, you would never know that these gift ideas are educational. You’ll be thrilled to see any of these gifts under the tree, and your parents will be happy because the gifts help you learn. Go ahead, take a look and let’s see if we can find a gift you can’t live without.

STEM Gifts

1. Dance Code featuring Disney Princess Belle

Choreograph dance routines with a little help from Belle.

2. Cozmo

Whoever said great things come in small packages had this in mind when Cozmo was created. Such an amazing, programmable, robot in a very small size.

3. Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Do you have a Star Wars fan on your gift list? If so, take a look! Kids can build there very own R2-D2! Wow!

4. Gears! Gears! Gears! Gizmos Building Set

Instead of building with blocks, let’s use gears instead and get things moving!

5. Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex

Dig for bones and become an archeologist! Then you can use those bones to build a T-Rex model.

6. K’NEX Education Intro to Simple Machines

This STEM gifts shows kids how simple machines function through building 7 machines that include axles, wheels, and inclined planes.

7. Metal Detector Robot

We all know robots always make cool gifts, but what about robots that also have metal detectors? Super cool!

8. Prime Club Board Game

Turn math time into game time with the help of this board game.

9. Table Top Robot

Build a robot crab that can walk and use its pinchers.

10. K’NEX Thrill Rides Web Weaver Roller Coaster

Kids can build a working roller coaster that is 2.5 feet tall! It also glows in the dark.

11. AeroGarden Kids Herbie

Introduce kids to hydroponics by letting them grow herbs for a pizza party.

12. DoughLab STEM Kit

Learning can be as fun as baking! Not only do you get some yummy treats out of this STEM gifts, you also get to try a fun experiment using yeast and gloves!

13. Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Set

Build atoms and then scan them with a smart device to learn even more about molecules.

14. 3Doodler Start Essentials

Draw in 3D with this kit that has everything you’ll need to get started.

15. The Book of Massively Epic Engineering Disasters

A great book to gift because it shows kids that everyone makes mistakes… even engineers!

16. Crystal Growing Kit

With the right environment you can grow crystals of any color.

17. Kitchen Science Kit

Sometimes, you have everything you need right in front of you. Or in this case, the kitchen.

18. Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Kids can create their own habitat with this kit. At night, it glows in the dark.

19. Live Butterfly Kit

Watching the stages a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly is something every kiddo should witness. This kit makes it easy to watch every step without missing a beat.

20. Break Your Own Geodes

Crack open the rocks to discover the beautiful gems inside.

21. MudWatt STEM Kit

This creation is being referred to as a bio-energy pet. It feeds off of soil and can actually power a lightbulb!

22. Squishy Circuits

Did you know that you can build an electrical circuit with clay? This kit shows you how to do just that.

23. LEGO Nasa Apollo Saturn

This scale model has removable rockets just like the real thing!

24. Disgusting Science Kit

Kids love germs… so why not learn from them? Now you can with this disgusting science kit.

25. Klutz LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions Kit

There is so much to build in this set, from a tabletop spinner to a robot claw!As you can see, these STEM gifts give kids like you and me more than just a fantastic gift. They give us the ability to learn something new, along with the willingness to do it!

Looking for educational but fun STEM gifts for tweens? These 25 STEM gifts are so fun that your tween won't even realize they're educational!

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